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Consulting Services

Our Approach


We responsibly and respectfully ask insightful questions, make suggestions, offer perspectives, raise counterpoints and propose alternatives. 


We also ask ‘reverse’ questions such as, ‘What do you anticipate not to find?’ ‘What might you dismiss too hastily?’ and ‘What would happen if you changed your perspective on things or events?’.


This is different from being provided with a generic off the shelf solution (cookie-cutter model) that may not suit your context or specific needs.




Organisational Transformations and Change Services

By partnering with Riven Consulting, you will be provided with the necessary tools, frameworks and expertise to deliver sustainable outcomes. Our approach is collaborative and built around trusting conversations and active engagements across stakeholders. Our primary objective is to support you as you journey through the unknown. We specialise in digital and cultural transformations.


Key areas of interest include:

  • Diagnosis and analysis of the current state.


  • Risk and issues identification.


  • Change strategies and recommendations to mitigate these risks as the organisation moves towards the future state.





Organisational Risk, Strategy, Governance and Culture Services

We can help you develop, implement and manage appropriate risk management frameworks and mitigation strategies. Riven Consulting can support you further by ensuring that your governance framework aligns with the organisational culture, the

Board and Executives' expectations, appropriate risk appetite and stakeholder expectations.


Key areas of interest include:

  • Identification, analysis and assessment of known and unknown risks.


  • The use of quantitative or qualitative data to determine the relationship between benefits and risks.


  • Development of risk mitigation strategies


  • Ethics and sustainability in the context of governance


  • Values and principles as defined by organisational culture


  • The four essential elements of good governance are transparency, accountability, stewardship and integrity.






Customised Services

Reach out and we can discuss the best option for you.

We have experience in supporting individuals and organisations with customised solutions in areas such as:

  • Conduct competency-based training reviews

  • RTO internal and external reviews and audits

  • Core competencies definition


  • Sustainability, circular economy and triple bottom line


  • Brand management


  • Culture, values and purpose


  • Leadership and role-modelling


  • Coaching and mentoring


  • Building and construction


Fee Structure

Our fee structure is based on the depth of our engagement through three levels:

Level 1

You seek an answer to a specific problem.

Level 2

You seek many elegant solutions to multitudes of problems.

Level 3

You seek dynamic and sustainable solutions to problems that you may not be aware of yet within a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.


Unsure of what level you require?

Reach out and connect with us and we can discuss this with you!

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