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Coaching & Mentoring Services

Both coaching and mentoring seek to enrich and enhance the client’s competence, capability, performance and wellbeing. This is done with the help of reflective activities and conversations that facilitate the client's goals and fit their circumstances without judgement. This collaborative team effort is incredibly rewarding for both parties. There is no set time for how long you engage with a coach or mentor. A good rule of thumb is that if value and growth are present, it is wise to keep going.​ 

Sometimes in our career we can find ourselves comfortably stuck. Working with Robert, I was able to unpack what was holding me back and reignite my enthusiasm to strive. Rob helped me to focus on my strengths, and understand the unique competencies I poses. This gave me the confidence and drive to reach for the next step in my career and take hold of it with both hands.

Kristy Keltie

Manager of Organisational Change Management in the Public Sector

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?


  • You engage with a leadership coach to support, challenge and keep you accountable for a specific action that takes you towards an agreed goal or outcome.

  • The coach’s role is to listen and help unpack thoughts, values and beliefs that may block performance, progress and growth.

  • The coachee’s role is action-driven and it is up to the coachee to do the work and come up with the answers.


  • You lean on a leadership mentor and rely on their willingness to share their competence and lived experience with you so that you can develop and grow.

  • The mentor’s role is to guide, ask insightful questions, share their lived experience and provide answers.

  • The mentee's role is more passive as they lean on the mentor’s lived experience of failures and successes to receive advice.

Many times a blended approach is most suitable. For example, you may begin by leaning on the mentor in a particular area to provide some answers or clarity from a lived experience perspective. You may then shift to needing a coach to support, challenge and keep you accountable as you take action on an achievable goal that expands and challenges your thinking in that particular area.


What is the benefit of working with a coach or a mentor?

A coach or mentor will support you, remind you to be responsible for your actions and keep you accountable. Having a support network around you will improve your chances of success as you develop and grow.


Why choose me as your coach or mentor?

I would be honoured to be your coach or mentor. Through my extensive lived experience and many years as a coach and mentor for others, my leadership framework is incredibly fine-tuned and adaptable to client needs. Applying this leadership framework to your professional practice will transform your perspectives, habits, unconscious bias and beliefs.

Together, I can help you:

  1. Enrich your professional practice

  2. Become the Active Choice Architect of your own life

  3. Improve personal wellbeing


Leadership Framework

I have developed a leadership framework that supports leaders to connect to their internal leader. I use it to help leaders become more self-aware, practise self-reflection and adopt a self-assessing state of mind. 

The purpose of the leadership framework is to elicit your internal leader and enrich your professional practice so that you may become an active choice architect of your life.

The leadership framework looks at four elements of your thinking and behaviour, your:

  • perspective

  • habits

  • unconscious bias

  • internal library

Each of these elements influences your professional practice and has the power to either constrain you or set you free. 

Your Options

1. One-on-one coaching or mentoring.

This is the most common choice amongst individuals.

2. Group coaching or mentoring.

This option is often used by organisations.

3. Customised coaching or mentoring.

Reach out and we can discuss the best option for you.

4. Business coaching or mentoring.

This option is for anyone that is thinking of opening up their first business or needs to scale their existing business.


You can read about me and my experience as an entrepreneur on the Home page or purchase my published leadership book ‘Who Makes a Leader Not What’ here to understand if my services are suitable for your needs, aspirations and goals.

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