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Author. Coach. Mentor. Consultant.

Robert Andersson is a Swedish-born Viking who landed on the Australian shores in 1994. He offers a unique value and proven return on investment to any individual or organisation by pairing his research into unconscious bias with his highly developed entrepreneurial mindset and neuroscientific insights. Robert’s lived experience informs his demonstrated authentic and human-centred leadership capabilities.

As an entrepreneur, Robert has been the founder of more than a dozen successful businesses across Australia and Europe. As a leader, Robert employs deep critical thinking, organisational sense-making, a ‘not yet' mindset and systems thinking. Robert holds a Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (2020) as well as an Undergraduate Certificate in Mental Health from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2021).

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Robert’s model of understanding thinking, habits, unconscious bias, assumption and their impact on leadership is accessible and efficient. It helped me unearth new information about how I want to lead in record time!

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Psychologist & Executive Coach 

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